A safe place to surrender a dachshund and a great place to adopt one!

A safe place to surrender a dachshund and a great place to adopt one!

A safe place to surrender a dachshund and a great place to adopt one!A safe place to surrender a dachshund and a great place to adopt one!

What is the Senior Sanctuary?

It is a dachshund senior sanctuary in Michigan for dogs who are surrendered over the age of 10 that either have medical needs or have a low probability of being adopted. Nothing can describe what the sanctuary does better than the story of LayDee, the first senior sanctuary resident, as told by her foster mom.


She was surrendered because she was a biter. She spent three weeks in a shelter without any human touch because she would bite anyone that tried to touch her. They would slide her food in and change her pads, but she was never taken outside. She had a shorter lower jaw so eating was difficult for her.

The shelter reached out to our rescue and I went to pick her up immediately. LayDee cried a heartbreaking cry the whole hour ride home. At home she paced the floor for hours, this poor baby was 12 years old and so scared.

With patience, tender words, and treats she started to trust again. We were shocked and pleased when she crawled into our bed and snuggled between us the very first night.


During the day she paced again and again was scared to be touched. After days of sitting next to her in a chair and getting my hand nipped I was able to slowly pet her.


LayDee loved to eat from her special bowl and hot dogs were her favorite food!


After almost three weeks LayDee let me pick her up and I was the one crying!


Seeing her run to the door, tail wagging to greet me when I came home filled my heart with pride and love. She was trusting again and showing love. Her walls were slowly crumbling, all she needed was love and understanding. 


After two months of continued love LayDee would let me pick her up and she would snuggle on my lap. She accepted gentle touches and snuggled in bed with us every night.


On April 22, 2018 our sweet LayDee had a heart attack. I wrapped my arms around her, held her tight, and whispered in her ear that I loved her. She laid her head on my chest and took her last breath. She passed, taking a huge piece of our hearts with her.


Scroll down to meet some of our current seniors. If you'd like to help these seniors and more receive the loving treatment that LayDee did during her final months, please click on the donation button at the bottom of the page. 

LayDee - The First Senior Sanctuary Resident

LayDee - The First Senior Sanctuary Resident

The Senior Sanctuary Pack


Sasha a 13 year old dachshund

Sasha passed away on August 7, 2019.

Sasha is going blind, is hard of hearing, has dry eye condition, stiff joints and only 1 tooth.

Sasha is wobbly when she walks and can't go up steps any more, but does the cutest "happy" dance when it's time for her soft food.

She is a trooper when its eye drop time (3x per day) & she loves her hot dog treats for being such a good girl.

Sasha has an amazing personality and loves everyone. She will groan when she wants your attention and if you don't respond she will give you her high pitched bark! She rubs her head against you to show she loves you. She loves to be snuggled between her humans at bedtime.

 Sasha is a furever foster because of her age & medical condition.

 We are so blessed to have her in our home and part of our pack!




Tater was a super sweet, long-haired, 14-year-old red dachshund.  He came to DHR in 2016 as an owner surrender, due to no fault of his.  The owner was obviously upset at having to do this, but sometimes there really is no other choice.  He became the first forever foster in the rescue.

Tater had a cute overbite that necessitated an annual dental. Coming into the rescue, it had been sometime since his last dental, and he lost 4 incisors.  

Tater developed cataracts shortly after entering the rescue and gradually lost his sight.  He still  loved being outside in nice weather, following a path only he knew.  He was a very independent little “bug" at less than 7 pounds.  The loss of his eyesight didn't slow him down, but it did make it difficult sometimes for him to find the door to let anyone  know he needed to go out to go potty.  Any patch of bright sunlight seemed, to him, to be where he should be.  If you missed his cue, he had an accident.

Last spring, Tater also developed pancreatic and liver issues.  He was placed on Science Diet I/D.  He had also moved with his foster.  Tater's new vet is holistic and wanted to see him come off Science Diet.  He felt there was something better for him, since Tater's liver values had gotten slightly worse since last year.  He also took liver supplements that were kindly donated to the rescue and he responded well to those. 

Tater passed away on September 27, 2018.


Molly a senior dachshund

Molly joined the Senior Sanctuary in January of 2018 when she was transferred from a boxer rescue. Once her foster mom got her into her home, she knew Molly was never going to leave. She's a very active senior who loves to run and play. This sweet little girl is excited to have found her way into the Senior Sanctuary!



Affectionately called “our little oldie moldy” by her foster mom, Millie joined the Senior Sanctuary pack in March of 2018. Millie’s previous owner passed away and the family planned on taking her to a shelter. Fortunately the shelter contacted Dachshund Haus Rescue and we were able to bring Millie into our sanctuary!



Winnie joined the rescue at the same time as Precious. While we think they may have been dumped at the same time (they were found in the same area), they don't seem to recognize each other. It doesn't matter though, because now Winnie has a new forever family!



Precious joined the rescue at the same time as Winnie. While we think they may have been dumped at the same time (they were found in the same area), they don't seem to recognize each other. It doesn't matter though, because Precious has a new forever family!



This is Mr. Fez, but he should be called Mr. Fuzz.  He was red tagged for euthanasia at a shelter in southern Illinois. His teeth were so bad with abscesses and fistulas he had one coming up through his nose, he has a seizure disorder which is now well controlled on medicine and he also has Cushing’s disease. He is the sweetest, nicest happiest dog. His prognosis is very good! 



Mini is a sweet little lady and almost 16 yrs old. She is a little under weight, but we're working on that.

Mini loves to play at bedtime, be snuggled & go for rides. She is a absolute joy and a blessing to have in the senior sanctuary. Mini (at the bottom of the above photo) is right at home, napping with her Senior Sanctuary sister, Sasha (at the top of the above photo) in the photo above. 

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