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 Everyone please welcome Miss Precious! She is a 3 month old, 75% Doxie, 25% . The breeder said she is 100% Doxie, but we don’t think so. Fawn in color, and beautiful! She is very playful, loves puppy parties, and will be a non-stop comedian. She hops like a bunny, swats like a cat, and has the cutest bark. She is fine with other dogs, AS LONG AS the dog is younger and has her energy level. She is eating dry kibble, we are working on potty training, and leash walking. Please understand she is a very high energy puppy. She needs a family that can tolerate puppy antics. She loves to give kisses and cuddles. She currently sleeps in a kennel at night, as she is in the process of learning potty rules.

Please let us know if you have an application on file or apply today for this sweet little girl!

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