Petunia came to the rescue two days before Christmas.  She had a very horrible and ugly skin infection, several rotten teeth, an upper respiratory infection, was hypothermic, was so undernourished you could count all her ribs and see her spine and hip bones sticking out, had back pain and a limp.  She was so weak she walked like she was 100. Now her skin is cleared up, her hair is coming back in, she is filling out nicely, and runs around like a puppy! The vet estimates she is 7-9 years old. 

She is up to date on rabies and distemper. She had a dental and had to have 8 teeth pulled. She no longer has an upper respiratory infection. She had a chiropractic adjustment Monday and is feeling even spunkier! She is very sweet and loving.  She is good with other dogs, cats, birds, and children.  She is possessive of her food, not to humans, but from other dogs. She is crate trained, and has had no accidents in the house since the first or second day. Now she likes to sleep in her foster mom‘s bed at night with the rest of the pack.  She is very easy going and adjusted to her foster mom‘s crazy busy household without any problems. 

She is ready for her new home and needs no more special care except for a weekly bath with a medicated shampoo until all her hair comes back in. If you think your home needs this sassy and sweet girl, please apply today!

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Petunia In Action

After her appointment with the chiropractor Petunia felt extra playful!

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