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Meeko is‎ 8‎ years‎ young‎ and‎ loves‎ to‎ cuddle!‎ He‎ would‎ prefer‎ to‎ spend‎ his‎ days‎ curled‎ up‎ on‎ a‎ couch‎ cushion,‎ or‎ better‎ yet,‎ on‎ your‎ lap‎ under‎ a‎ blanket.‎ He‎ is‎ as‎ loyal‎ as‎ they‎ come‎ and‎ loves‎ to‎ be‎ as‎ close‎ to‎ his‎ "person"‎ as‎ possible‎ at‎ all‎ times.

Meeko‎ loves‎ treats,‎ chewys,‎ and‎ short‎ little‎ walks‎ around‎ the‎ neighborhood.‎ He‎ is‎ potty‎ trained,‎ but‎ has‎ separation‎ anxiety‎ and‎ is‎ scared‎ of‎ loud‎ noises.‎  He may‎ mark‎ his‎ territory‎ if‎ he‎ is‎ extremely‎ stressed.‎ He‎ is‎ happy‎ to‎ be‎ crated‎ with‎ a‎ companion‎ or‎ next‎ to‎ a‎ companion,‎ but‎ would‎ love‎ nothing‎ more‎ than‎ to‎ share‎ your‎ bed.‎ He‎ has‎ lived‎ with‎ children‎ from‎ newborn‎ to‎ 5‎ years‎ old,‎ and‎ loves‎ them‎ dearly,‎ but‎ is‎ weary‎ of‎ new‎ people‎ and‎ small‎ children.‎ Good‎ with‎ big‎ and‎ small‎ female‎ dogs-‎ Tolerates‎ puppy‎ play‎ and‎ sometimes‎ will‎ even‎ join‎ in‎ on‎ the‎ fun!‎ He‎ has‎ never‎ shown‎ aggression‎ around‎ food.‎ He is unsure about‎ male‎ dogs/cats.

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