Jack was found in an overnight box in a full shelter in Ohio. The long night in a tiny area may explain why he doesn’t care for confinement. He’s been through a ton that could make him scared and grumpy, but he’s really quite wonderful!

Jack is 5 years old, but he’s just learning how to be a dog in the human world. He is confident, sweet and very handsome. He is learning some great tricks including high five, spin, sit pretty, and roll over. There is no doubt he lived in a home at one time, because the sound of a refrigerator and a cheese wrapper is like music to his tiny perky ears. He doesn’t know much about how to play with a ball or a toy. If he gets scared he can get a little grumpy. He gets along well with the foster dogs in his home, including one large and one small. 

Jack will likely require medication for the rest of his life to help him deal with his anxiety. The medication is very affordable and costs only $4-10 a month. 

A quiet home would be ideal for Jack.  It would likely contain one other confident dog. He would like to live with no small children around as he can be very grumpy when startled. If you are looking for a sweet boy who would blossom with some attention and positive reinforcement training, then Jack is your guy! Please apply today or let us know if you have an application on file. 

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