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Miss Heidi is a sassy girl with several extra pounds on her, which she is working hard to lose. She is 11 years old.  She is very sweet, once she knows and trusts you. She growls and sometimes barks at new people, but she is all talk. She prefers women to men initially, but she is an equal opportunity snuggler once she is comfortable. As far as dachshunds go, she is not a big barker. 

She does okay with respectful kids, but she would be best in a home with no kids, as sudden movements spook her. A visiting child 7 and up should be fine, as long as they are introduced slowly and are respectful of her boundaries. 

She is potty trained, but she does have the occasional accident in the house if you miss her subtly asking to go out. She walks very well on a leash, and prefers leash walks to going out in the yard. She likes having a couple long and several short walks a day.  If she had her way, she would go for a walk every two hours during the day. She has no food aggression whatsoever toward people, but she is food and water aggressive with other dogs.  As long as she is fed separately and has her own water dish beside a communal one, she is fine.  She is good with other dogs of all sizes, once she gets to know them and she might be okay with a cat.  

She likes a crate, and she will sleep in it at night, and when you leave the house. She loves to take naps on your lap, which will be more comfortable once she loses a few pounds. 

She does have a grade 2 heart murmur, which the vet says she does not need any medication for. It is just something to watch at her annual check up. Losing weight will be helpful for that too.

Once she loses a couple pounds, she will have her spay and dental cleaning and then she will be available. 

If Miss Heidi seems like the girl for you, please fill out an application or let us know if you have an application on file!

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