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Gus & Herman

 Everyone please welcome Mr. Gus and Mr. Herman! Two very, VERY loving and very opposite peas in a pod!

Herman, the redhead 4 year old is very shy at first and can be somewhat skittish, but comes around quickly. He likes to be left alone, but will be in your lap in no time, on his terms! He will jump right out of your arms if he is scared by something. He would be happy sitting on the couch all day long and you wouldn’t hear a peep from him. He will get sudden bursts of energy when he likes to chase brother Gus! 

Gus is a 3 year old double dapple with the prettiest blue eyes you ever did see! He is FULL of life and personality! He loves to give lots of kisses. He LOVES to clean out his foster dad's nose if he gets the chance. He is very sweet and just wants someone to love on him all the time!

Both boys are very smart. They share a crate that is their safe haven and that’s where they sleep. I’m sure they would love a human bed too! Both boys are potty trained very well, but might mark the first little bit in a new environment.

Absolutely no cats or small animals. Children are unknown at this time. Please let us know if you have an application on file otherwise, please apply today!

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